Over 15 years of experience on Tourism, Hotels and Holiday Homes

Host Place is the result of the union of various professionals specialized in the management of holiday homes, hotels and online tourism.

By combining the different capacities, Host Place provides complete and integrated support on the problems for those working in the tourism and alberhiero sector. The management of tourist portals as well as the management of rates, promotion and administrative management is available throughout Italy.

As for the complete management services, we are fully operational in the provinces of Arezzo, Bergamo, Bologna, Como, Florence, Genoa, Imperia, Lucca, Milan, Naples, Olbia, Padua, Parma, Pisa, Rimini, Rome, Turin, Treviso, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Olbia and many others in the starting phase.

Our Services


Maximize and optimize your earnings

Guests up to 200% more thanks to our promotional solutions and price managemen


Professional Host

A professional service for welcoming guests and assistance in 4 languages with service 24/7.


Cleaning and maintenance

Ordinary maintenance, property manager and ordinary and extraordinary cleaning for an always perfect home


Consultancy Furnishing and Design

We improve and improve the profitability of your home or your structure through advice on furniture, improvement solutions, Home Staging and Interior Design


Algorithm Rates and Transparent Management

Through our software we continuously manage and modify the prices to always get the best possible price.


Burocrazia Zero

To take care of the bureaucracy necessary to activate and manage your holiday home by offering a service of practices or training.

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